Please visit with us often, as you'll continue to see new features, audio broadcasts, videos and up-to-date political information for your easy use.   Many of you are acquainted with The First Amendment, Inc., through our Founder and CEO, Craig Johnson's (A/K/A "Brother Craig The Hatchet Man")  regular broadcasts on radio and television. The First Amendment, Inc., is not about Party, but about promoting Conservative principles, the backbone of our country. 


 Through broadcasting and communicating, the mediums of radio and television allow us to continue to promote conversations about the people and the things that make America great!   The greatness of this country is the driving force that under-girds our mission to promote, educate and advocate for the continued freedom that our founding fathers had the wisdom to establish the foundation of this country upon.   With this in mind, we are excited to be in the midst of the current 2010 primary election activity, and have had the distinction of working with and sharing the story of some of America's finest public servants, who seek to truly serve the people.


You can count on The First Amendment, Inc. as a reliable source for information, Conservative political commentary, education, advocacy, and breaking media broadcasts, such as our "Political Candidate Spotlight" series,  featured on our radio and television broadcasts, throughout the 2010 primary season across the country.    The series featured one-on-one interviews with some of today's most dedicated candidates for leadership seeking your vote. To listen in to these broadcasts, please visit us on the BlogTalkRadio network, at www.blogtalkradio.com/the-hatchet-man, or just Google "Brother Craig The Hatchet Man".  You can also catch our radio show, "The REALLY, Real Deal with Brother Craig:  The Hatchet Man",  on Richmond, Virginia's WCLM 1450AM and at www.wclmradioonline.com, Wednesday nights at 8pm, Eastern.



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In the coming weeks we will post "Brother Craig's" regular blogs, essays and commentaries, along with our endorsed "Political Candidate Spotlight" for your voter reference.  We appreciate your continued support and passionate commitment to America remaining a free nation.  Because of this, The First Amendment, Inc. is growing, and we invite you to stay plugged in to our social networking and chat discussions.

We'll also continue to update the site with news, announcements and candidate information.  So, please be sure to check back often for updates.




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